Monday, March 8, 2010

Coffee turned out to trigger the growth of acne

The relationship between caffeine and acne is the subject of conversation for a long time researchers. However, these studies have not found a bright spot. The reason, caffeine is caffeine use of chocolate bars containing chocolate imitation, and does not contain milk. However, the dermatologist today to see cow's milk as a trigger factor of acne.

Foods such as baked potatoes are easy to digest and release high glucose in the body. When blood sugar levels rise, insulin levels were elevated, which then produces IGF-1, growth hormone is also involved in the formation of acne. Cow's milk is also suspected as a contributor to trigger acne because of hormones were in it.

Your skin not only serves as a protector of internal organs, but also maintain the function of temperature through the liquid and the swelling and sweating. Your skin also acts as a mirror that gives information about what is happening in the body. For example, a swollen black circle around the eye area can be interpreted as lack of sleep, but could also mean a disturbance in the digestive system and expenditures.

The presence of acne can also indicate problems with digestion, which can be improved by extending healthy food intake and exercise. Ironically, caffeine is often used in many beauty products as a temporary skin absorb the fat cells and reduce swelling, so skin looks smoother and faster. However, excessive consumption can exacerbate this effect. Hence the gynecologist recommended to avoid caffeine a week before the mammogram.

Caffeine can affect a person in terms of stress, sleep, and relaxation. Stress causes the adrenal glands to action, which then release cortisol, triggering the sweat glands to produce oil, which can clog pores and cause acne. Yet. sleep can be against the effects of stress by improving the body's immune system, so that acne can heal more quickly.

Creating a regular sleep schedule and make an effort to calm down (relaxation) before sleep (no eating, no watching television, or playing online before bed) can increase the body's immune. Relaxation or breathing exercise is a way that does not take much, flexible, yet very useful to help people who are excessive stress and lack of sleep.

New caffeine out of body system healthy adults within 3-4 hours, while women who were pregnant it took three times that. People who have liver problems, contraceptive drug users, are advised to stay away from caffeine because it could have side effects on health.

Broadly speaking, there is no direct correlation between caffeine intake and acne. However, the effect on the skin, stress, sleep, and liver, could be concluded that caffeine intake should be treated like other alternative substances should only be consumed in small amounts. Although energy drinks, caffeinated drinks, and dark chocolate look harmless, and fun to eat, consumers should be more alert and more intelligent with the amount of consumption.

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